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As of 25.1.2016

Welcome to JLRS website.

Welcome to JLRS website.

JLRS, Japan Ladies Radio Society, is a group of female amateur radio license

holders, which was founded in 1957 in Japan by 3 women, Fumi Abe JA1AEQ,


Kan JA1YL, and late Kimi Kobayashi JA0EC.

As of July 2015 , we have a total membership of 2 09 : 1 65 members in Japan and

44 overseas. The group is administered by our board members elected from

each callsign area in Japan and representatives in each calls ign area.

****** Our main activities ******

* We publish our newsletters 2 or 3 times a year, on which we carry various

information regarding amateur radio and any activities in each callsign area.

We utilize these newsletters as the tool to promote a c loser union among our


* Annual General Meeting with a social gathering party is a fun event to have

eye - ball QSOs among our members as well as to visit some sightseeing spots .

L ively discussion is conducted on the operation of the meeting.

* Each Callsign Area Meeting is also held by each area representative

occasionally. Various topics depending on the area are discussed to help our

members to enjoy amateur radio activities more.

* In spring and autumn every year, we hold contests in order to promote YL

amateur radio activities.

JLRS 3.3 Hina Contest on March 3

For more details, click here .

JLRS Party Contest .

SSB on the last weekend of September JLRS Party Contest .

CW on the 1st weekend of October

For more details, click here .

* JLRS YL Nets time schedule

All JLRS Net: Every Thursday 23: 0 0UTC on 7.06 0MHz

5 - Area Net: 1st Tuesdays 23:00UTC on 7.12 0MHz

6 - Area Net: Every Wednesday 01:00UTC on 7.06 0MHz

8 - Area Net: Every Tues day 01:00UTC on 7.120 MHz

* We sell QSL cards for JLRS members only, and envelopes, etc.

****** How to join JLRS ******

We accept your application for DX membership anytime. However, our fiscal

year starts in July, so the payment should be made after July, if you would like to

be our self - paid me mber. Sponsorship is also available.

Membership Fee: 1,500 JPY (or 10 IRCs)

Please contact DX Chairperson Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB for more details via E - mail:

7k4tkb(at) jarl.com . Membership Application form will be sent promptly.

****** Administration ******

Administration of JLRS is conducted in accordance with our specified rules and


****** JLRS Club station JA1YWM ******

Operation manager: Yuko Takei JA1TQG

Location: Suginami - ku, Tokyo, Japan

**************** URL ****************

JLRS website: http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/

Administrators: President JR0MAZ Fumie Yanagi

Website Manager JA1FAS Tomiko Uekusa