JR東日本 武蔵野線  
 吉川美南駅開業記念 特別局


Special Amateur Radio Station Commemorating New Railway Station

We will operate the special amateur radio station "
8J1YMS" to
commemorate the newly opening railway station “Yoshikawa Minami
Station” in Yoshikawa City, Saitama, Japan. The suffix of the special
callsign “YMS” stands for “Yoshikawa Minami Station”.

The fixed station
8J1YMS in Yoshikawa City (JCC: 1343) and the
portable station 8J1YMS/1 will be active from
01/02/2012 till 31/03/2012.
We are licensed to be on the air on from 1.8 MHz to 1200 MHz bands
by CW, SSB and FM modes, but please kindly note that actual
operational bands and modes depend on where and when 8J1YMS is

Our QSL cards will be sent to JARL QSL bureau for all QSOs with 8J1YMS.

We really hope to see you soon on the air.

DE JO1YJR, Yoshikawa City Amateur Radio Club

 運用スケジュール JO1YJR