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Taito-ku is the smallest "Ku" in Tokyo

JARL announced that Tokyo 23 wards would separated 23 different JCCs ( = City) for the JCC Award and WAKU (Worked All KU) Award from Apr. 1, 2010. So many JCC hunters want to have a QSO with the HAMs locate in Tokyo 23 wards Area.

By Mar. 31, 2010, every HAM is not interested in having the HAM in Tokyo who is the smallest fish in the world. But HAM in Tokyo get a pile up after Apr. 1, 2010.

JCC Award Information --- We have contacted (or heard) and received a QSL card from an Amateur Radio Station located in each of at least 100 different cities of Japan. If you are interested in this JCC Award, please visit JARL Website. Thank you !

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