JH1YTU (SNOOPY Club) was licensed in 1971.

The Physics Club of Kaisei Gakuen (Kaisei Junior High School and Kaisei High School) has been having an Amateur Radio Club Station JA1YSD "Penken Club". Some members of this club, who enrolled in Kaisei Junior High School in 1969, had established another Amateur Radio Club Station JH1YGS "Space HAM Club". The other members JH1XMM, JR1MTF, JR1MUT, JE1BME, JE1BQE, JE1FZD, JE1IXC, JE1SUF and JF1FZI who enrolled in 1970, applied 3rd Amateur Radio Club Station JH1YTU "SNOOPY Club" at the house of JE1BQE located in Ueno, Tokyo in July of 1971. The SNOOPY Club members were very happy to be lisensed JH1YTU, because YTU shown Young Town Ueno.

Present JH1YTU

Hideyuki Nebiya JE1BQE has been taking care of the lisence of JH1YTU, since members, who had enrolled in Kaisei Junior High School in 1970, graduated from Kaisei High School. The shack of JH1YTU is located at AMPLET, Inc. in Taito-ku, Tokyo, which company owned by Dr. Nebiya JE1BQE.

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