Supplementary rule: Over Three Letters of The Suffix Award
                                tnx JAG#999 JF2IGP
For this award, the number of suffix letters is defined as the total  number  
of alphabets and/or numbers following (and including) the “first alphabet”  
which is located after alphabet(s) and number(s) representing a country   
Any number following the “first alphabet” can be counted as a suffix  
letter, but any number before the “first alphabet” cannot be counted as a  
suffix letter. The same callsign counts only once whenever the QSO is   
made and whatever the event the station is designed for.   
See the following examples:    
<<Valid>> <<Not valid>>  
8J49JARL 8J2000(No suffix)  
8N03ARDF 8J90XPO  
D92002SCOUT 8N2005HM  
8N1C50A 8J10801SN  
8N0M100A 8N1420  
8J1T20A 8J4626  
5Z4YT1CS 8J120JAS