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As of February 1, 2021

Welcome to JLRS website.

JLRS, Japan Ladies Radio Society, is a group of female amateur radio license holders, which was founded in 1957 in Japan by 3 women, Fumi Abe JA1AEQ, Kuni Kan JA1YL, and late Kimi Kobayashi JA0EC.

As of February 2021, we have 135 members in Japan and 39 overseas. The group is administered by our board members elected from each call area in Japan and representatives in each call area.

****** Our main activities ******

* We publish our newsletters two to three times a year, on which we carry various information regarding amateur radio and any club activities. We utilize these newsletters as the tool to promote friendship among our members.

* Annual General Meeting with a social gathering party is a fun event to have eye-ball QSOs among our members as well as to visit some sightseeing spots. Lively discussion is conducted on the operation of the meeting.

* Each Call Area Meeting is also held by each area representative occasionally. Various topics in the area are discussed to help our members to enjoy amateur radio activities more.

* Newcomer/beginner support program called “WAKABA Support” aims to spur wide interest in amateur radio for those who are new to this hobby through orientations and other support activities.

* In spring and autumn every year, we hold contests in order to promote YL amateur radio activities.

JLRS 3.3 Hina Contest on March 3
For more details, click here.

JLRS Party Contest – SSB on the last weekend of September
JLRS Party Contest – CW on the 1st weekend of October
For more details, click here.

* JLRS YL Nets time schedule
All JLRS Net: Every Thursday 22:00UTC on 7.090MHz
5-Area Net: 1st Tuesdays 23:00UTC on 7.120MHz
6-Area Net: Every Wednesday 01:00UTC on 7.060MHz

* ALL YL Nets time schedule
1-Area Net: Every Wednesday 12:00UTC on 144.200MHz
1-Area Net: 2nd & 4th Fridays 12:00UTC on 432.500MHz
8-Area Net: Every Wednesday 01:00UTC on 7.120MHz
8-Area Net: Every Tuesday till Friday 10:30UTC on 145.080MHz

* We sell QSL cards for JLRS members only, and envelopes, etc.

****** How to join JLRS ******

We accept your application for DX membership anytime. However, our fiscal year starts in July, so the payment should be made after July, if you would like to be our self-paid member. Sponsorship is also available.

Membership Fee: 1,000 JPY (or US$10)

Please contact DX Chairperson Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB for more details via E-mail: 7k4tkb(at)jarl.com. Membership Application form will be sent promptly.

****** Administration ******

Administration of JLRS is conducted in accordance with our specified rules and regulations.

****** JLRS Club station JA1YWM ******

Operation manager: Yuko Takei JA1TQG
Location: Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

**************** URL ****************

*JLRS website: http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/
Administrated by JLRS President JR0MAZ Fumie Yanagi
*JLRS blog: http://ameblo.jp/jlrsblog/
Administrated by 7K4TKB Yukiko Maki