CW略符号     Topに戻る         


ABT about
ADR address
ADS address
ADS adios さよなら(スペイン語)
AF africa
AGN again
AL all
AM morning
AM amplitude modulation
ANS answer
ANT antenna
AR end of messege
AS wait
AW auf weidersehn さよなら(ドイツ語)
B4 before
BCI broadcast interference
BCK back
BCL broadcast listener
BFO beat frequency oscillator
BJR bonjour こんにちは(フランス語)
BK break
BKR breaker
C yes
CFM confirm
CFMG confirming
CK check
CL clear
CLBK call book
CLD called
CLG calling
CLR clear
CMG coming
CNDX conditions
CPI copy
CQ general call to all stations
CRD card
CUAGN see you again
CUD could
CUL see you later
CW continous wave
DC direct current
DCT direct
DE this is
DN down
DNT do not
DR dear
DSW do svidanya さよなら(ロシア語)
DX distance
DXPDN DX expedition
EL elements
ELE elements
ES and
EU Europe
FB fine business
FM from
FREQ frequency
FWD forward
GA good afternoon
GB good bye
GE good evening
GL good luck
GLD glad
GM good morning
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GN good night
GND ground
GNG going
GP ground plane
GUD good
HI laughter,high
HLO hello
HNY Happy New Year
HPI happy
HR here
HV have
HVNT have not
HW how
IM I am
INFO information
INPT input
K go ahead,end of transmission
KN Go ahead,but only the stations called
LID poor operator
LKG looking
LOG logbook
LP long pass
LSN listen
LTR later,letter
LUK look
LW longwire
MCI merci  フランス語
MGR manager
MIN minute
ML mail
MLG mailing
MOD modulation
MRI marry
NA North America
NG no good
NIL nothing,I have nothing for you
NR number
NVR never
NW now
NY New York
OM old man
OP operator
OT old timer
PA power amplifire
PM afternoon
PSE please
PT point
PWR power
QST Of interest to all amateurs
R received as transmitted, ( . )
RIG radio equipment
RPT report
RPRT report
RST Readability Strength Tone
RTTY Radio teletype
RX recever
SA South America
SASE Self addressed stamped envelope
SED said
SIG signal
SIGS signals
SK Signing off
SKED schedule
SL so long
SN soon
SP short path
SRI sorry
STN station
SW short wave,switch
SWL Short wave listiner
SX $
T zero
TEMP temperature
TKS thanks
TNX thanks
TU thank you
TV television
TVI television interference
TX transmitter
U you
UK United Kingdom
UP upward in frequency
UR your
URS yours
UTC Universal Coordinated Time
VA sigining off
VERT vertical
VFO variable frequency oscillator
VOX Voice operated switch
VY very
W watt(s)
WK week,weak,work
WKD worked
WKG working
WL will,well
WPM words per minute
WUD would
WW world wide
WX weather
XMAS christmas
XYL wife
YD yesterday
YL young lady
YR year
33 fondest regards
55 best succes
72 peace and friendship
73 best regards
88 love and kisses
99 go out