Taito-ku, Tokyo

The Smallest Ward ( = ku) in Tokyo's 23 Wards

Taito-ku, Tokyo (JCC#100106)

JARL announced that Tokyo 23 wards would separated 23 different JCCs ( = City) for the JCC Award and WAKU (Worked All KU) Award from Apr. 1, 2010. So many JCC hunters want to have a QSO with the HAMs locate in Tokyo 23 wards Area.

By Mar. 31, 2010, every HAM is not interested in having the HAM in Tokyo who is the smallest fish in the world. But HAM in Tokyo get a pile up after Apr. 1, 2010.

About Taito-ku --- Taito-ku is the smallest "Ku" in Tokyo

It is difficult for you to have a QSO with the HAM station at the Rarest Ward "Taito-ku" in Tokyo, Japan. Taito-ku has JCC#100106 number for the JCC Award.

OM Tokio Sasaki JK1DVX reseached the population of HAM in Tokyo Area. Taito-ku is the smallest ward ( = ku) in Tokyo.

There are TEN HAMs who enjoy 144MHz and 430MHz QSO with a small Handy-Transceiver. Ms. Non JF1MYH reported the actual activity of HAMs in Taito-ku.

* Zero HAM on 1.9MHz, 3.5MHz, 10MHz, 24MHz, 28MHz, 2.4GHz, and the Satellite band.

* Few HAMs on 1.2GHz band.

* ONE or TWO HAMs on 7MHz band.

* TWO or THREE HAMs on 14MHz and 18MHz band.

* About TEN HAMs on 21MHz and 50MHz band.

As Taito-ku is the smallest ward in Tokyo, there are indeed very few HAMs who have a big antenna system here. We HAMs in Taito-ku cannot to send you strong radio wave from here, but we are looking forward to having QSO with you.

vy 73 es 88 ! FB DX ! de Active HAMs in Taito-ku


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