Overseas Friends (Korea)

Professor Jong Myung Woo, My Lifelong Best Friend(친구)

Since the beginning of the 1990 s, I became a Wireless Communications Expert at the Korean Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation. I began to make lecture on Wireless Technology for Small and Medium companies in Korea. I was designing Radio Communications Equipment in Seoul-city.

As Korean Government considered to start the Firstever CDMA Mobile Phone Service in the World, One of Korean big company located in Anyang-city (Gyeonggi-do) offered me to carry out joint development the First "cdmaOne (IS-95)" cellular phone. As I was spending almost time in Korea on my business, but foreigners were not able to obtain an Amateur Radio License in Korea.

In 2014, I could get HL3ZCG (Private Station) Licence with the help of Professor Jong Myung Woo at the Chungnam National University in Daejeon-city, where I was in charge of special lectures there. Professor Jong Myung Woo has been studing and been researching on small antennas at the same antenna laboratory in Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University as I did, and we obtained a Doctor Degree of Electric Engineering to Nihon University.

Every time I visit Korea, I am really indebted to Professor Jong Myung Woo. He is my lifelong best friend (친구).

DS1SUR Ms. Jiyeon Kim

Korean Amateur Radio Team, who loves 6m band, went to Jeju Island in 2014, and they operated "6M6M" from there. Ms. Jiyeon Kim (DS1SUR) joined this team, and she contacted me. This was her first-ever overseas contact in her HAM life. She came to Tokyo HAM Fair 2014 with her father Jinho Kim (HL1LUA), and visited our club booth (MLA48).

She has been studying at the university in Japan since 2014. She often visited my laboratory (AMPLET Communication Laboratory), and has been supporting my research on Human Body Communication (IEEE802.15.6) by the date of her coming back to Seoul, Korea in 2018.

We have a good relation one another like a father and a daughter. We are looking forward to meeting again in Tokyo or in Seoul.

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