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Below is a certificate for year 2007 first position in Special Club category, and second in all clubs.
1st position in Special Club category
2nd position in all clubs


Original HAM club T.H.R.U.S.H. was established long time ago at our high school age. We re-united and re-established on year 2000. Our goal was to achieve top ten position in JARL contests annual ranking for JARL "special club" category. JARL is sponcering 6 contests annuary eligible for annual ranking. In it's 8th year, we have achieved first position. We can't imagine next goal.
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Contest using N1MM Logger (2013/7)
JARL 2012 Tokyo Ham Fair report (2012/8)
JARL 2011 Tokyo Ham Fair report
JARL 2011 Field Day Contest
JARL 2010 Tokyo Ham Fair report
JARL 2009 Tokyo Ham Fair report (2009/8)
JARL 2009 Field Day Contest (2009/8)
JARL 2008 Tokyo Ham Fair report (2008/8)
JARL 2008 Field Day Contest (2008/8)
On a World Telecommunication Day, we have operated special event station 8J1ITU on May 17 and 18 2008 from Kasumigaura city. (2008/5)
JA1PTO operated in the US using his new AF6FA call sign first time (2008/3)
JA1PYP set up his new ring rotor and WARC band antennas (2007/8 & 11)
JA1PYP imported a Ringrotor (2007/7)
JA1TGC operated in Palau as T88TG (2007/5)
First US trip after 7 years, visited HRO by JA1PTO (2007/4)
Building a new year ornament by JA1PYP (2007/1)
You can download 1KW station application form (2006/5)
We have operated 8J1ITU event station (2004/5)
JA1PTO operated in Beijing at the club station BY1BJ (2004/2)
Building a magnetic loop antenna by JA1IHD (2003/11)
Exhibited at Saitama prefecture HAM fest on March 17, 2002 (2002/3)
First qso with W6KW by 3.5MHz loaded dipole EF-180SL by JA1PYP (2002/1)
Setting up antennas by JA1PYP (2001/12)
Tower construction by JA1PYP (2001/8)
You can find Collins S Line price list back in 1966 here (2001/4)
DX Code of Conduct Listen, and listen, and then listen again before calling.
DX Code of Conduct

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